How Do I Issue Orders to a Unit?

You can change the status of your units by issuing orders to them. There are six orders you can issue to your units. These are selected from the "Orders" menu. "Stop" and "Sprint" are also available on the menu bar.


Order a unit to either halt or begin movement. Click here for more.


Toggles maximum speed. When sprinting, a unit can not see as far, will not shoot, and is an easier target to hit.

Hold Fire

The unit will not fire, even if fired at, until this order is canceled.


The unit will look for better concealment in its immediate area, eventually making it harder for the enemy to spot. This mode will be canceled if the unit moves. Aircraft respond differently to this order.


Some units have smoke generators. This toggles them on and off.


Ground surveillance and counter-battery radars can detect units without a direct line of sight. This toggle them on and off.

Issue orders. This procedure is the same for any order, but we will use "Stop" here.

1. Select "Stop" either from the Tool Bar or from the "Orders" menu.

2. All of the stopped units on the map will have an s next to them. You can start an individual unit moving by left-clicking on it. Left-clicking on it again will cause it to stop. Choose a task force by drag-clicking or using its save number. This will toggle the task force units from stop to go.

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