Line of Sight

The battlefield on which you fight is a digital representation of real terrain. There are hills and mountains everywhere. As a result, there will be obstacles to the vision of your units. Terrain features will block there view.

Luckily, BCT: Brigade Combat Team provides a graphical tool to help you. The "LOS" function will show you the visibility from any point on the map.

Finding the line of sight for a point on the map.

1. Select "LOS Fan" either from the "View" menu or the Tool Bar

2. Now left-click anywhere on the map. Radial arms will reach out from the point you selected. Where there is yellow, a unit could see from the selected point. Where there is no yellow, units will not be able to see. Note that each unit has its own inherent view range. Some units may not be able to see as far as these radial arms extend.

3. If you left-click on a unit, you will get a better idea of what an individual unit can see. View ranges are affected by the status of the unit (sprinting, moving, stationary, in defilade, dug in) and the status of the unit its looking at. The purple ring around the LOS Fan simply marks the base view range of the unit.

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