How Do I Group Units into Task Forces?

A task force is a group of friendly units. You can give orders, plan paths, or plan fire missions, for a whole task force at once.

1. Click with the left mouse button on the main map near the units that you want to group.

2. While holding down the left mouse button, dragging the cursor over the units that you want to group.

3. Release the left mouse button. All of the units that were inside the box will now be highlighted with a green box around them.

Add a single unit to the group. Hold down the shift key while left-clicking on a friendly unit. It will be added to the currently selected group.

Save a group you have created. Hold down the shift key and press a number key (0-9 on the top of the keyboard, NOT ON THE KEYPAD).

Recall a saved group. Press the number key you used to save the group without holding the shift key. The group will be re-selected.

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