How Do I Start or Stop a Unit or Task Force?

Planning a path is only half the story. You have to tell a unit to start moving. It will then continue to move until you tell it to stop or it is stopped by an obstacle.

Start or stop a single unit.

1. Select path edit mode.

2. Double-click on a unit with the left mouse button to bring up its path.

3. With the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON, click in the center of the inverted triangle (Stop Node) over the unit. It will change to a upright triangle (Go Node). The unit will prepare to move and, eventually, begin moving. The amount of time it takes for a unit to start moving depends on the type of vehicles it contains. The time can be as short as seven seconds for an M1A2, or as long as fifteen minutes for an A-10 (replicating time from the IP to the area of operations). Right-clicking on the node over the unit again will change it to a stop node and stop the unit.

Place a stop node in a unit's path. This process also works for any node in the unit's path. Right click on a node in the unit's path and it will change from an upright triangle (Go Node) to an inverted triangle (Stop Node). When the unit gets to this node, it will stop, even if their are more nodes remaining.

Start or stop a task force.

1. Select "Stop" either from the Tool Bar or from the "Orders" menu.

2. All of the stopped units on the map will have an s next to them. You can start an individual unit moving by left-clicking on it. Left-clicking on it again will cause it to stop. Choose a task force by drag-clicking or using its save number. This will toggle the task force units from stop to go.

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