Why Does My Unit Keep Stopping?

I keep starting my unit, and It keeps stopping. There are only three reasons that a unit will stop on its own.

1. Hit an obstacle. If a little green or grey square appears over your unit, you have struck an enemy obstacle. The only way through is to breach it. If you hit it with an engineer unit and it didn't start breaching, click here.

2. Steep terrain. When the main map is in the middle zoom level (~1:50,000), you will see white lines on a black background. These lines connect points of equal elevation and are called contour lines. They are spaced at 10 or 20 meter intervals. Places where they are very close together represent steep terrain. Units are not capable of moving up or down very steep terrain. If they encounter it, they will stop.

3. Out of waypoints. If there are no more "Nodes" for the unit to go to, it will stop.

I started my unit but it won't move. When you start a unit's movement, it takes a while for it to start moving. This could be as little as 7 seconds, or as long as 15 minutes. This replicates the preparation time for movement. Artillery units must pick up their equipment and, possibly, commo wire and aiming circles. Jet aircraft must travel to the battlefield from off screen Intermediate Points (IP, see Close Air Support).

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