Why Can't I Breach an Obstacle?

There are three reasons that a unit will not breach an obstacle when it hits it.

1. Not a breaching unit. Only certain units can breach an obstacle. Generally, units with plows or engineer vehicles. Engineer vehicles capable of breaching include AVLB's (vehicle launched bridges) and MCLiC's (Mine Clearing Line Charges).

2. The wrong type of breaching unit. Different units clear different obstacles. Plows generally only clear wire unless it is a more desperate scenario, in which case they might clear mines. Dozers (like the M9 ACE) can fill in tank ditches. AVLB's span tank ditches, road craters, and wire. MCLiC's clear mines and wire. If a breaching unit hits an obstacle and stops, check its info window. If it doesn't say "BREACHING" then this unit can't breach that obstacle.

3. Out of breaches. Vehicles like MCLiC's and AVLB's can only breach once. So a unit containing these vehicles can only breach as many times as it has vehicles.

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