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The Star and the Crescent starts where The Falklands War: 1982 left off, and adds a whole suite of new features to the ATF Engine.  All of the gaming goodness that fans of the Armored Task Force series have come to love is still there.  This release spans a greater range of time than any of our previous releases, and adds a whole new dimension to game play.

  • Hyper-realistic battlefields.  From the Chinese Farm, to the Jenin, to the Golan Heights, we have recreated these battlefields in more detail than has ever been seen in a commercial wargame before.  Building on the advances we made with TFW, we have created the best looking maps ever featured in a ProSIM Company release.
  • Lethal Air-to-Ground and Ground-to-Air Combat.  The Arab-Israeli wars were known for their fierce close air support and air defense combat.  We have replicated this dimension in a way never seen before in an ATF Engine release.
  • What If...  In addition to a suite of historical scenarios covering the battles of 1956 and the October War in 1973, we have also included a couple of hypothetical scenarios covering potential battles that could very possibly occur in the next decade. 

We have added a bunch of new tools that will give The Star and the Crescent a whole new look and feel and give scenario designers all kinds of new treats to work with.

  • Airborne and Air Defense Radar.  Radars now populate the battlefield.  Aircraft use them to find targets on the ground and air defense batteries use them to blow aircraft out of the sky.  We have also added other types of radar to the ATF Engine, to allow scenario builders to add counter-battery and waterborne radar.
  • Bursting Direct Fire Munitions.  We have rebuilt the model for close air support weaponry to replicate large armaments such as 500 lbs to 2000 lbs bombs.  This tool can also be used by scenario builders to replicate direct lay mortars and other bursting direct fire weapon systems.
  • Discreet Buildings.  We have added code to replicate individual buildings and other manmade structures.  These structures provide protection and elevation advantages and are actual three dimensional entities that block line of sight and movement.  We have used this capability to replicate fixed fortifications such as tank ramps and bunkers along the Suez Canal.

We have really striven to give The Star and the Crescent a completely different look and feel from any of our prior releases.

  • Fast-Paced Armored Combat.  The Arab-Israeli Wars of the last half-century have been marked by brutal, fast-moving armored combat.  While the dismounted anti-tank weapon was a lethal combat multiplier, the fights were won and lost by the main battle tank.  You will experience this for yourself in The Star and the Crescent
  • "Skin of Your Teeth" Combat.  We have done our best to capture the desperate first hours of the Yom Kippur War.  The coordinated Arab sneak attack on all fronts really caught the Israelis by surprise.  You will relive those tense first hours in a series of hair-raising battles for the survival of the Jewish state.
  • "Right to the Point" Orders.  The Arab-Israeli wars were marked by rapidly changing, fluid situations with uncertain intelligence of the enemy and only a short time to react.  The orders you will receive at the begin of each mission will reflect this.  There is little jargon or formality, just a brief explanation of what you need to do and where you need to get to.

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