Why Won't my Units Shoot?

There are a lot of reasons that a unit will not engage.

1. Can't see the enemy. While the unit may be visible on your screen, the vehicle which is close enough to shoot it, may not have a direct line of sight. Those enemy units that show up as yellow blobs are so far away that they can not be identified. Your units will not shoot at a target they can not identify.

2. Out of range. Every weapon a unit has can fire at a different maximum range. This range will be reduced if either or both the unit and target are moving. Check out the vehicle specs to see how far your units can shoot.

3. Can't kill the enemy. Just because you can range a target doesn't mean you can kill it. Don't expect your fire teams to shoot at the T-80 tank with their M16A2 rifles.

4. Can't shoot while moving. Some units are capable of firing while they move. Others must be stationary to shoot. Check out the vehicle specs to find out.

5. Sprinting. When a unit is sprinting, it is moving as fast as it can. It is not looking for targets, so its view range will be reduced. It is moving too fast to effectively engage anything so it Won't shoot at targets. (It is also much easier to hit). Change this by issuing the unit an order to leave sprint mode.

6. Hold Fire. You can deliberately tell your units not to fire by issuing the the "Hold Fire" order. You must tell the unit to fire by cancelling this order.

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