Why Can't I Plan Artillery Fires?

There are a lot of reasons that a unit will not accept a fire mission.

1. Not enough ammo. You specify the type of ammo you want to shoot from the fire order. When you select "Fire Mission" from the "Actions" menu or the toolbar, a yellow "X" appears over all of the units which have at least one volley of that type of ammo remaining. If a unit does not have that type of ammo, he will not accept fire missions until the fire order is changed or he is reloaded with ammo. Some units do not carry certain ammo (i.e. mortars don't carry DPICM).

2. Maneuver task force selected. If a group of maneuver units is selected when you choose "Fire Mission", you will not be able to plan missions. Shut off "Fire Mission", left click anywhere on the screen away from friendly units (to de-select the group), and then choose "Fire Mission" again.

3. Out of range. Different weapon systems have different ranges for each ammunition type they can fire. A 155mm howitzer can fire an HE (high explosive) round over 15km. A 120mm mortar can barely fire an HE round 7km. Range arcs for each system are marked in purple. Make sure your target is inside the CORRECT range fan. If it isn't, nothing will happen when you click on the target.

4. Tubes moving. If your units are on the move and you give them fire missions, they might or might not accept them.

5. TOT. If you select TOT (time on target) in the fire order dialog, you must give the unit a fire time based on elapsed time. If you give him a mission which is less than the current elapsed time PLUS the amount of time required to process the mission PLUS the time of flight for the round to reach the target, it will not be fired on time.

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