Add a Unit to a Scenario

You can add units to the currently loaded Friendly or Enemy Unit database. This can be useful if you wish to augment the Unit databases that ship with BCT Construction Set.

Remember that if you are adding enemy units, as in this example, you must add the units to each Enemy Battle Plan for them to appear in every iteration of the scenario.

Select the Add Enemy function from the Unit menu.


Fill in the unit name, vehicle type, and number of vehicles for the unit you are adding.

Now you must add the unit to the map. To do so, move the cursor (which is now shaped like the unit) to the location where you wish to drop it. If you right-click while placing the unit, an LOS Fan will appear to help you find a good spot to drop the unit.

When you have found the spot where you wish to drop the unit, click with the left mouse button and it will be placed on the map.


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