Add an Enemy Battle Plan to a Mission

You may want to add multiple Enemy Battle Plans to a Mission. To do this, you create a new battle plan and save it as an Enemy Unit file (*.eun) in the "Mission" sub-directory of the BCT: Brigade Combat Team install directory. You then add the file name to the Mission file for the scenario.

When a scenario player starts the scenario, BCT will randomly choose one of these listed files of the enemy setup in the actual scenario file as the starting enemy disposition and Enemy Battle Plan.

Warning: While you are working on an alternate battle plan, DO NOT use the Save function from the File menu. This will overwrite the enemy battle plan that is stored with the scenario file.

Create your Enemy Battle Plan normally. When you are done, Select the Save As Enemy function from the Unit menu.


You will be prompted for a save name for the Enemy Unit file. You must change the directory to the "Mission" sub-directory of the BCT: Brigade Combat Team install directory.

Now select a name for which to save this Enemy Unit file.

Now you must list the Enemy Unit File in the Mission file. Select Edit from the Mission menu.

Click on the Add File button next to the Enemy Unit Files box.

Select the Enemy Unit File that you created.

The file now appears in the list. Click "OK".


Make sure you save the changes to the Mission File!


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