Creating an New Scenario from an Existing Scenario

The fundamental purpose of the BCT Construction Set scenarios. It provides you with a host of tools and databases to help you accomplish this task. The most powerful tool it provides is the BCT Scenario Wizard. This tool guides you, step by step, through the process of creating a scenario.

Because internet, multi-player games depend on same-name scenarios being identical, the BCT Scenario Wizard protects the names of all mission and scenario names from BCT: Brigade Combat Team and BCT Expansion Pack 1 and 2 (and BCT: Brigade Combat Team JRTC Special Edition). You can not save a scenario or mission file with one of these protected names.

The intent of this Scenario Wizard function is to provide you with a fully functional scenario, to which you can make any changes you wish, and save without having to manually change file names. However, this function is only as good as the scenario you copy. If you copy a user-made scenario without all of the required components, your copy will have missing components as well.

Note. Hitting the "Cancel" button, "Close" button, or the "Escape" key at any time while the BCT Scenario Wizard is active will cancel the Wizard.

In this example, we will be creating a scenario from the scenario "Dvattk" which ships with the release and demo version of BCT: Brigade Combat Team. After we have created a copy of this scenario, we will make some changes to a weapon in the database, add a vehicle, and add an enemy unit to the database.

Select "Create a Scenario from an Existing Scenario" to use the BCT Scenario Wizard to edit an existing user-made or original BCT: Brigade Combat Team scenario. The Wizard makes a copy of the scenario, with a new name, which you can edit or change.

First you will be asked to select the mission file corresponding to the scenario which you wish to copy. Then the BCT Scenario Wizard will open the mission and try to open find and open the scenario and graphic map file associated with the scenario. If the application can not find the scenario file, it will ask you to input the file name.

 If the BCT Construction Set can not find the graphic map file associated with this scenario, you will be prompted for that as well.

Enter the name of the Graphic Map file.

You will now be prompted for the long name of the scenario. This is the name that will appear with the description in the "Begin Mission Dialog" in BCT and at the top of the title bar on the main window.

Input the long name for the scenario.

If the scenario you selected has enemy battle plans associated with it, you will now be asked to give these files a different file name. If an enemy battle plan is repeated in the mission file you are copying, you will be given two opportunities to rename this file. You can either save it with the same name twice or save it with two different names, so that you can later edit each file separately.

Enter the name for each enemy unit file.

The Wizard now prompts you for the name you want to give the scenario file...

...And the graphic map files (it is a good idea to name these the same thing so that you can keep track of them.) The Wizard now begins to build a mission file for you.


Finally, you will be asked for a file name for the mission (again, the same name as the scenario and graphic map file is a good idea).

Once you provide this information, you are done. If you copied a functional scenario with all of the necessary components, you now have a BCT scenario that can be opened using BCT: Brigade Combat Team. And, after you make changes to this scenario, you will be able to save it without worrying about conflicts with BCT or Expansion Pack scenarios.





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