What do the Symbols in the SITTEMP Mean?

In the "Enemy" section of the "Situation" in the OPORD, the window that is open at the beginning of a scenario, you get information about the enemy composition. The S-2 (Intelligence Officer) also gives you another tool to tell you how the enemy might fight. It is called the Enemy SITTEMP (situational template). It is a graphical overlay, laid over the map, showing possible enemy locations. This may or may not be how the enemy is actually arrayed.

Display enemy SITTEMP.

Select "Enemy SITTEMP" from the "View" Menu Item. The map will now display red symbols depicting probable enemy locations and routes.

Soviet symbology. Enemy SITTEMP'S are drawn using Soviet symbology. That is, these are the symbols former-Soviet armies use to draw their maneuver graphics. Below is a partial list of the symbols used in the SITTEMP.

This is the symbol for a tank.

This is a BMP. Without the line across it, the symbol represents a generic APC, such as a BTR or BRDM

This is the symbol for the BRDM-2 ATGM. The symbol inside represents an Anti-Tank Missile.

When you put all of the symbols together, you create an enemy formation. Often, the probable path of the unit will be labeled with a solid line. The number of lines across front of the formation tells its size.

One Line


Two Lines


Three Lines


Four Lines


This is an enemy battalion.

This is an artillery position area. The label stands for "Regimental Artillery Group". The symbol may also be labeled with the type of weapon system (i.e. 2S3).

This is an enemy battle position. Often called a "Bear Claw" it marks the general location and orientation of a unit in prepared positions. Again, the number of lines across the front of the unit mark its size. This is a platoon BP.

This is a battle position for a special type of platoon, called a CSOP (Combat Security Outpost). It is marked with a "C" to distinguish it. It usually consists of a tank and two BMP's. It is posted several kilometers from the enemies main defensive belt. It will attack your forces with rear and flank shots, causing you to deploy early.

This is the firing line for a 2A45 or T-12A battery. These are towed, split-rail anti-tank guns. They are usually deployed on the flanks of a defensive position. They are very hard to spot until they shoot. A firing line may also include Anti-Tank Missiles, noted with the symbol above.

This is an infantry strong point. The number inside will designate the number of troops in the strong point. These troops will undoubtedly include AT Missiles.

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