How Do I Deploy Engineer Works During Setup?

When you open a new scenario, you can pick up and move your mines and pre-dug fighting positions anywhere on the map. Obstacles are either mines, wire, tank ditches, or road craters, placed on the ground to restrict enemy movement. Pre-dug fighting positions, or holes, are pits cut in the ground large enough to conceal units or partially protect them from direct fire.

Deploy obstacles.

1. Click with the left mouse button on the obstacle you want to deploy.

2. While holding down the left mouse button move the obstacle to the new location you want. Release the left mouse button. The unit will be dropped in the desired location.

3. Right click on the obstacle. A dialog box will appear. It will tell you all of the relevant details about the obstacle and allow you to customize its orientation. Orientation is described in mils.

Deploy holes. Holes will only hold one unit (the number of vehicles or teams in the unit is not important). To pick up and grab a unit, grab it at the base of the "stem" hanging down from it. Units will only occupy the hole if they are centered on this stem.

This is a dismount hole. It may only be occupied by dismount units.

This is a vehicular hole. It may be occupied by any unit except a dismount.

If you want a unit to occupy a hole once time starts, you must plan a path into it. Make sure the "Stop Node" is on the "stem" of the hole, not the circular label for the hole.

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