Why Can't I Mount a Unit?

You tried the Mount command and it isn't working right? If time has started, the units will not immediately mount on the carrier. It will take a short amount of time for the dismounts to mount. During this time, the carrier and dismounts must remain stationary. The carrier will be marked with a grey M until the dismounts are mounted. There are three possible explanations why dismounts won't mount.

1. Not a troop carrier. If you choose the "Mount" function and click on a unit and nothing happens, it may not be a vehicle capable of carry troops. The M2A1 Bradley IFV carries two teams of dismounts. The M3A1 Bradley CFV is essentially the same vehicle but does not carry dismounts. Check the vehicle specifications for more information.

2. Unit full. Troop carrying units, such as lift helicopters and APC's can only carry so many dismounts. If you click on a carrier and nothing happens, it is full. If you have selected a carrier and then click on dismounts and nothing happens, the dismount unit contains too many teams to put on the carrier. Again, check the vehicle specifications for more information.

3. Dismounts too far away. Before time starts, you can mount dismounts from anywhere on the map. After time begins, however, dismounts must be close to the carrier to be mounted. When you select a carrier, a blue circle will appear around it. The dismounts must be inside this circle to be mounted.

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