Start the BCT OPORD Writer

The BCT OPORD Writer is an application that allows you to make Orders, Maneuver Graphics, and Enemy SITTEMP's, the OPORD (Operations Order) elements of a BCT scenario. The quickest way to start the Writer is from the menu of BCT Construction Set.

Select the BCT OPORD Writer function from the OPORD menu.

This will start the BCT OPORD Writer application. The Progress Window, Overview Map, and Order Window in BCT Construction Set will all be closed if they were open.

To use the OPORD Writer to make graphics for your scenario, you must load the map used in your scenario. Use Open from the File menu.

You will be prompted for the map file you wish to load.

Hint: If you have saved your scenario, you can load your scenario instead by changing "Files of Type" to "Scenario File (*.scn).

If the Construction Set can not figure out what Graphic Map file is associated with the map or scenario you have chosen, you will be prompted to enter it as well.

You are now ready to begin drawing or editing graphics. You can begin editing and creating orders without first loading a map.


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