Plan a Path for a Unit

Once you have added enemy units to your scenario, you will need to create an Enemy Battle Plan. The first step in this process is to place the enemy units in their desired starting locations. These are the locations where they will begin the game.

The next step is to plan paths for all of your units. In this example, we are planning the route for a counter-attack force of multiple units.

Select the Show Path function. Select the unit you want to plan a path for. Delete its path. Cancel the Delete function. Now right click on the unit twice. This will allow you to set the time at which you want the unit to begin moving.


Now drag-click and plan nodes along the desired route as shown in Change Facing for a Unit. When you get to the point where you want the unit to stop, right-click on it. If you don't want it to move again, set this node to "999" hours. Make sure to plan another node so you can set the unit's final facing!

Select the Copy function.

Select all of the enemy units in the formation as a group. You can do this by clicking with the left mouse button and then dragging the mouse over the units and releasing the button. You can add units to a group by holding down the shift key and clicking on them.

Now click on the Paste In Line function. This will give them all identical paths so that they travel in a column.

We want the units to stop in a firing line, not on a single point. So we must select each unit by double-clicking on it...

...And drag its final stop node to the left or right of the original position. We repeat this process for each unit in the formation.


We must check our work to make sure that our final position for the units in the firing line is correct. Do this by selecting the Show All Paths function from the View menu.

You can see the final stop node for each unit in the formation. They will travel in a column until they reach the release point and then form a line centered on the final node. This is the formation we were looking for. We're done!


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