Creating a New Scenario, Part IV

We're almost there. All that is left is to set environment variables, test our scenario, and set victory conditions.

First we want to set environment variables.

The Environment function from the File menu allows you to set the wind direction and speed for the scenario. This will affect how smoke and chemical agents behave during the scenario. It also affects light data. This will determine how well your units can see each other during game play.

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Now it is time to test the scenario. We do this to make sure that all of the timed events occur in the correct sequence. We also do this to ensure that we did not forget to do something.

Hint: One of the most common mistakes made when building an Enemy Battle Plan is not giving a unit's stop node a time. The result is a lone unit wandering across the battlefield alone. TEST YOUR SCENARIOS!

To test your scenario, you must turn on the clock using the Clock function from the Time menu. We don't have anything moving until two hours into the scenario, so we can use Set Index to change the elapsed time to this time. To save time, we will run the scenario at eight-times-normal using the Compression 8:1 function. We then start the clock using the Start function, and stop it using the Stop function. Make sure you TURN OFF THE CLOCK

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Warning: Changes made to UNITS while the clock is on will NOT BE PERMANENT. As soon as you turn off the clock, these changes will be erased. Make sure you TURN OFF THE CLOCK before modifying enemy battle plans.

When you are satisfied that your scenario works properly, you have only one step left. That is editing the Mission file and setting victory conditions.

To edit your mission file, select Edit from the Mission menu. There are two elements of the Mission File that you must modify. The first is the description. This is a brief explanation of what this scenario contains.

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Next, and more importantly, you must set the victory conditions for your scenario. To do this, you must first get the easting of the east and west boundary of your objective and the northing of your north and south boundary. Then input these in the mission, along with the name of the objective.

For step by step instructions, click here.

That's it! Your scenario is done. Now all you have to do is save the elements and the scenario is ready to run in BCT: Brigade Combat Team.

First save the Mission File.


Then save the Scenario File.

Note: All of the scenario files must be saved in the "Mission" sub-directory of the BCT: Brigade Combat Team install directory in order to run correctly in BCT.




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