Draw Graphics

Once you have started the BCT OPORD Writer, you can begin drawing graphics. Shown here are the steps for drawing maneuver graphics. Drawing an Enemy SITTEMP uses the same procedures.

In the BCT OPORD Writer, select the New Maneuver function from the Graphics menu.

Select the Pen Width function and fill in "2" as the pen width. This will make your graphics more readable.

Now select the Line function.

Each time you click on the map, a new point in joining lines will be dropped. Use this to define the boundaries of the scenario area. Leave gaps on each side boundary to mark the boundary size (next). Each time you want to stop or restart, click on Line again.

Show the echelon of the boundaries you are drawing by placing marks in the gaps left in the side boundaries. Two lines are a battalion boundary. An "X" marks brigade boundaries.

Draw line marking the line across which units can not initially be deployed. You will have to label this. Select the Text function and type "(LD/LC)". Now move this label to one end of the line.

Now move this label to one end of the line. You may also want to give the line a name ("PL MARK" where "PL" stands for Phase Line).

Now we need to mark the objective. Select the Circle function.


Click on the map to start the circle. While holding the button down, drag the circle until it is the desired size. Release the button to drop the circle in place.

Create another text label ("OBJ SHARP") to mark the objective for the player. This is where he must attack to.

You should also draw a line marking the line across which the player can not place recon units. Call this the "Recon LOA" (for Limit of Advance).

Make sure you save the graphics. You will need to do this to import it into your scenario. We suggest using the same name you used for your scenario files. This keeps things simple.

You will have to return to BCT Construction Set to import your Maneuver Graphics into your scenario.


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