Edit Indirect and Direct Fire Vulnerabilities

You can edit a vehicle in the current vehicle database. This is extremely useful for things like changing armaments or ammo loads, changing icons, or any other operations you wish to perform on the vehicle database which ships with BCT Construction Set.

Perhaps the most intimate data in the vehicle database is the Indirect and Direct Fire Vulnerabilities. This data determines how lethal weapon systems are and how survivable vehicles are.

To edit indirect fire vulnerabilities, select the IF Effects button on the Vehicle Edit Dialog.

Make the desired changes and click "OK" to save your changes.

This window shows you how indirect fire will effect a vehicle type. This window allows you to edit the indirect fire vulnerabilities for vehicle type by editing the following values:

The numeric values in this window represent the percentage chance (0-100%) that this vehicle will be destroyed by a SINGLE artillery round. These numbers apply to artillery with an Equivalent Rounds Per Fire of 1.00. Larger or smaller caliber rounds will adjust these percentages. In BCT, when a fire mission lands on a unit the "dice are rolled" once for every round that strikes the unit TIMES the number of vehicles in a unit. As a result, it is always more effective to mass indirect fires against each target, to increase the chances of destroying vehicles.

An IR Smoke resistant unit will not have its visibility effected by night or obscuration smoke. A unit without this resistance will have its vision severely reduced (almost one-quarter normal view range) by nighttime conditions and will be unable to see through obscuration smoke.

An NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) resistant vehicle will not suffer most effects from chemically contaminated areas. When it enters a contaminated area, it will be suppressed for brief time but will not suffer casualties or combat degradation, as a non-NBC-resistant vehicle will.

To edit the direct fire vulnerability of a vehicle, click on the Kill Odds button on the Vehicle Edit Dialog.

Change the entries in the dialog by click on them and changing them. Go to the next or last weapon type by clicking "Back" or "Next". When you are done making changes, click on "OK" to save your changes.

This window allows you to edit how effective direct fire weapons are against a vehicle type. This window contains the following information:

The numeric values in this window represent the percentage chance (0-100%) that this vehicle will be destroyed by a SINGLE shot from the selected weapon. In BCT, when a unit fires at a unit with this type of vehicle, the "dice will be rolled" for each vehicle in the firing unit. BCT decides which face of the vehicle is being fired on. Each time the result is less than the percentage for this face, one vehicle will be destroyed. If all of the vehicles in a unit are destroyed, the unit is destroyed.

pK (percentage kill) only refers to the chance of destroying a vehicle after it has been hit. pH (percentage hit) is a completely different, and variable, entity. This value can not be edited directly. However, attributes of weapons such as their magnification and vehicles such as their size, speed, time to defilade can be edited to make a vehicle harder to hit survivable or a weapon more accurate.

Hint: Filling in pK's is the most tedious, yet most important part of building a Vehicle and Weapon database. You can shorten this process by using the Copy pK's function from the Vehicle Menu. Using this function, you are, in essence, saying, "make this vehicle as vulnerable as this vehicle." If you have already filled in all of the pK's for a basic Jeep, for example, you can use this function to copy the pK's to a Jeep with a machine gun, a scout Jeep, and a Jeep ambulance. You have saved yourself the work of completing pK's for three other vehicles. Copying Stats also copies pK's.


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