Add a Block of Holes to a Scenario

The quickest way to add obstacles or holes to a database is using the Block Add functions. This example shows the addition of enemy holes. The procedures are the same for friendly holes.

Select the Block Add Enemy function from the Hole menu.

When you select this command, the BCT Construction Set will ask you if you want to add vehicle holes. If you answer "Yes", vehicle holes will be added. Otherwise, dismount holes will be added.

You will then be asked how many holes you wish to create.



After this, you will be asked how may rows you want them arrayed in.

Once the Construction Set has this information, it will add the holes. After the holes have been generated, move the arrow down to the map. The holes you have created will follow the arrow until you left-click to place the holes on the map.

Note: If you click "Cancel" on any of the above dialogs, this operation will be canceled.

Right-clicking while placing the holes will toggle the holes between vehicle and dismount holes.

If, after emplacing the holes, you wish to change them, right-click on any hole in the group. This will toggle the holes between vehicle and dismount holes. You can move the holes again by left-clicking on one of them and dragging the group to a new location.


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